Keep Good Company with your Five Friends.

I could be said that today’s world is fast paced, stressful and, at times, quite intimidating.The internet, especially social media, contribute significantly to many peoples lives, particularly the younger generations that are growing up in a world where information and scrutiny of them as individuals is very much standard.

Judgements can be quickly and easily thrown around as keyboard warriors and bullys bear little regard for the impact that they make on the world around them.

Obviously that’s one view. I know it’s not all bad but the world described above is very real for many people. Wandering around glued to their phones.

The impact of this modern existence can be severe on individuals which is one reason why mental health is so important. When the stressful side of the world is literally in your hand I believe it’s important to hold the ability to calm you mind in your other hand, metaphorically speaking.

So, Five Friends is an idea that will help you do just that. When faced with a certain level of stress or anxiety in your life, my belief is that you need to fill your life equally with the same amount of good. Balancing your mental books.

When going through your day, every day, you will be doing ‘good’ things. Something to eat, a nice conversation with a friend or even a smile from a stranger. I suggest that you should actively appreciate each of these things, as they happen, essentially they become one of your five friends. Try to do it a five times a day, if you can’t manage five just do one, but the more you do the more you fill up your ‘good’ mental balance.

You can even get yourself into a ‘good’ surplus, where you are feeling great just because you paid attention.

You’re not doing anything you weren’t doing before, you’re just making sure you squeeze the positive juice out of every moment.

Pick yourself up or get yourself ahead, either way you win by sticking with your five friends.

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