What you give, sometimes, you get back

I commute. It’s quite long. Most days it will be roughly 5 hours. On a bad day it can be even longer. If I’m personally having a bad day it can seem even longer and very lonely.

Thankfully that’s not a very common occurrence as generally I commit to being positive and maintaining a positive routine, that makes being happy alot easier.

That said, today was a bit tougher than usual. I woke up feeling a bit off and by the time I got to work I really wasn’t feeling great. Work stress then added to my anxious mood and soon I wasn’t in a great place.

Luckily, I’m aware enough to ask for help and a conversation later with my partner helped me take a few steps back to normal. I felt a bit better but still a bit mentality unsure of myself. I persevered through the rest of the day until the commute home.

Whilst changing trains I popped in the cafe on the platform where I had recently been getting to know the new staff member when he expressed gratitude to me for a tiny conversation we had the week before.

I had asked him what he did when he didn’t have any customers and he had said that he’d mostly just look on his phone. I suggested that maybe he might use that time more productivly. maybe have a think about what he might really liked to do and use that extra time to do that.

So, today he was quite excited to see me. I still wasn’t feeling great so it was nice to see someone so positive. He then told me that our previously conversation had really got him thinking and that he had decide to follow a dream he had to become a mechanic!

He had already worked out when it was and that he could find a way to fund it! He kindly said to me that our conversation had been the reason that he was going for it and complimented me on my kind nature.

The interaction really picked me up and I reflected later than even the smallest act of kindness on your behalf can make a massive difference to someone else.

Sometimes it’s your turn to give and sometimes to receive but kindness really does make a big difference.

Thanks Kurt. You made my day.

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